Policymakers Breakfast: A Chance to Advocate and Connect

What is the Policymakers Breakfast?

The Kempe Foundation is hosting an in-person breakfast where participants can hear from Kempe Center experts, members of the General Assembly, County and State Partners for a roundtable discussion on programs and clinical initiatives aimed at creating better outcomes for children. and families.


Why is this important?

It may be common knowledge that building a safe, healthy, and happy future for children requires collaboration between parents, practitioners, and community members. However, another important part of the equation is the support and actions of policymakers towards the safety of children and families.

The Kempe Foundation’s policy team collaborates with Kempe professionals, child welfare advocates and legislators to push forward child-focused policies that will improve the lives of children and families in Colorado and beyond.

We work with state and national lawmakers as well as human services agencies to advance laws, policies and programs that provide opportunities for children and families to live safe, healthy, and happy lives.


What is the impact of the Policymakers Breakfast?

Efforts and events like the Policymakers Breakfast allows participants to hear about legislative policies impacting children and families in Colorado. With policymakers in attendance, this event offered chance to connect directly with decision-makers.

The result of these connections lead to advocacy work that directly impacts children and families. One example is the ratification of Bill SB23-082 Colorado Fostering Success Voucher Program. Our CEO Jon Kruljac provided testimony in support of SB23-082 in front of the Health & Human Services committee during the legislative session. The act establishes the Colorado fostering success voucher program (program) in the department of human services (DHS). The purpose of the program is to provide housing vouchers and case management services to eligible youth.


Join Us!

This year’s Policymakers Breakfast will be held on October 19, 2023 at Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver 13200 E. 14th Pl., Aurora, CO 80011

If you’re interested in joining us, email brown.monica@kempe.org to register by October 12, 2023. We’re excited to see you there!