Kempe’s Gift Guide for People Who Know Children and Families

Supporting the children and families that are in your circle can be a great way to give this holiday season. When we think about gifts, we usually think about tangible things. Those are always great, but there are many ways to give. Time and energy are valuable to any child and family. Here are a few ways you can support the children and families around you:

Offer your time and resources

If the family you know is always busy, offer your time. Having someone they trust pick their children up from school or babysit during a night out can be a life saver. Think about your schedule and when you can help, and make sure caregivers and parents are comfortable with you helping before offering.


Lend your listening ears

For both children and caregivers, sometimes talking is the best way to let off some steam. This holiday season, aim to actively listen to the families around you. They might talk about how great their grades were this year, or how the new baby is staying up all night. Lending an ear and focusing on responding genuinely can be a great source of comfort for families.

Purchases To Make Things Easier

If you can’t give the time to help, there are some purchases you can make to make a family’s life easier. Here are some ideas of gifts you can buy:

  • Gift cards for a spa day to relax and have a day away alongside a referral from a babysitting network
  • 3-month meal plan subscription to take over dinner when things get busy
  • Gift card for baby essentials stores that new parents can use
  • School supplies to get ready for back-to-school season


Overall, gift giving can be a special, meaningful time for families and children. Think about how your gift can make an impact in the ways the children and families around you interact and create nurturing environments.