When you contribute your time, passion and money to the Kempe Foundation, you join a community committed to bringing hope to the children and families whose lives have been impacted by abuse, neglect, and trauma. 


Contribute to a legacy of innovative programs proven to help children and families live safe and healthy lives.

Host an Event for the Kempe Foundation

Hosting a community fundraising event to benefit the Kempe Foundation is an impactful way to give back to our organization. Examples of fundraisers include golf tournaments, online fundraising campaigns, bike races, restaurant nights, car washes, silent auctions, and so much more.

How We Can Help:

Note: the Kempe Foundation’s ability to offer services for third party fundraising events may be limited by staff size. Thus, all the above cannot be guaranteed.

We would love to partner with you to ensure your fundraising event is a success. Please fill out the form below.


Become a Friend to Kempe and a Friend to Children

Kempe Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who are actively engaged in supporting the mission and work of the Kempe Foundation. We welcome the support of caring community members who are passionate about identifying awareness, education, advocacy and fundraising opportunities to prevent childhood trauma, abuse and neglect.

Kempe Ambassadors: Invite, Share, Advocate, Fundraise & Serve

Sound Like You?

Become a Kempe Ambassador and join a team of volunteers who invite, share, advocate, fundraise and in partnership with the Kempe Foundation. Everyone is welcome! Together, we can achieve a safe and healthy future for children.