Stories of Hope: The Kempe Experience

Join us at thelargest event of the yearfor The Kempe Foundation!

Join us at the largest event of the year forThe Kempe Foundation!

KempeAnnual Fundraising Dinner

Stories of Hope -
The Kempe Experience,
presented by Chevron

If you are seeking to purchase tickets, we are now sold out. Please contact Jeremy Stern at for availability. 

This fundraising event will be the largest event of the year for the Foundation, which will highlight stories of hope and provide a look at how Kempe’s work is improving our communities. This interactive fundraising event is open to everyone with dinner, auction, awards, and entertainment included all told through professionals, families and those with lived experience.

Learn about the historical significance of Kempe, see the current priorities in the field of abuse and neglect, and hear what’s in store for the future to support children and families.  Sign-up as a sponsor to become a friend to Kempe and positively impact children and families.


Dress: Cocktail Attire

Parking: the lot is located one block east of the entrance. You can drop off guests in front of the venue. Shared rides (Uber/Lyft) are encouraged. The cross-streets for the parking lot are S. Cherry Street and E. Kentucky Avenue.

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Imhoff Family Community Award

Yvonne Camacho

Kempe Professional Award

Antonia Chiesa, MD



Narine Avanesova
Barbara Boyce
Darcy Cantwell
Melissa Crandall
Cindie Jamison and Chuck Marcy
Annie Kempe
Jon and Teri Kruljac
Ron Mitchell
Mary and Peter Pappas
Sara Short
Summer Westbrooks
Brynn Wheeler
Bryan Wight







The KempeLegacy

The Kempe Center

The Kempe Center is a living legacy to a brilliant researcher, teacher and prominent pediatrician who became one of America’s pioneers in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. During his professional career, Dr. Kempe received two nominations for the Nobel Prize. The first nomination was for his work in developing a safer smallpox vaccine, which helped eradicate this childhood disease around the world.

The second nomination was recognition for his contribution to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Due to the catalyzing efforts of Dr. Kempe, reporting laws exist in all 50 states. His efforts also led to the passage of the 1972 Colorado law requiring legal counsel for the child in all cases of suspected abuse.

The Kempe Center was established in 1972 to provide research, training, education and innovative program development for all forms of child abuse and neglect. The Center is committed to improving the prevention, recognition and treatment of child maltreatment. Staff has developed numerous programs over the years, many of which have been replicated. Research has shown that abused children often become abusive parents. The Center’s mission is to break that cycle.

The Kempe Center Mission

The Center was the first of its kind, established in 1972 to better understand and prevent child maltreatment and to serve affected children and their families. For the past 49 years, Kempe has promoted understanding, knowledge and best practices to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect locally, nationally and internationally. Today we honor our legacy while looking ahead for ways to transform our field. It is our mission to improve the lives of children and families. We believe that abuse and neglect are preventable and people are resilient. We are curious. We take a stand. We test assumptions. Our leadership in advocacy, research, education and clinical work drives innovative strategies that transform the field. Through our work we strengthen families, communities and the systems that serve them. We are a catalyst, connecting people, information and best practices to translate knowledge into action.

The Kempe Foundation

A 501c (3) nonprofit organization focused on the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

We work to ensure all children have the opportunity to develop and grow in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment by supporting experts in the field, advocating for children and engaging with communities. Through partnerships with The Kempe Center, human service agencies, other child-serving nonprofits and funders, we make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities.

Achievements and Success for the Future of our Children

The Kempe Child Protection Team provides comprehensive medical evaluations through inpatient and emergency department consultations at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The Kempe Center’s IMHOFF Clinic offers a variety of services that are family-based and short-term with the goal of improving children’s mental health, building their developmental competencies, and improving family functioning. Due to Dr. Kempe, our children are much safer today with countless lives saved.

the Need

In the most recent federal report, there were approximately 618,000 substantiated reports of child abuse and neglect in the United States. This includes 11,600 in Colorado alone. But child abuse is not a hopeless cause. We see success stories every day.


The Center’s programs serve more than 1,500 children and families in Colorado, serve as models across the country to treat more children, and answers over 3,000 inquiries from professionals. The Center also educates and trains thousands of professionals each year across the country.


The Center has produced more than 200 research articles that have made a difference in public policy, have created awareness and knowledge about child abuse and neglect, and have assisted professionals in providing better diagnoses, treatment and support to victims and families.

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