The Kempe Foundation works with experts, advocates and community members to advance solutions that improve the lives of children and families.

At the Kempe Foundation, we believe children and families are resilient. When parents are provided with the resources they need to care for themselves and their families, children will live safer and healthier lives.

Oftentimes, families are unaware or unable to access the resources that would help them succeed. To solve this problem, the Kempe Foundation works alongside human services agencies, nonprofit organizations and other community partners to strengthen the systems that support children and families.

Summer 2024 - Advocacy Efforts

The Kempe Foundation is committed to working with champions and partners at the state Capitol to prevent child abuse and neglect, increase access to evidence-based prevention services, and ensure state or voluntary intervention services serve families successfully. The legislative session concluded on May 8, 2024. Dozens of significant bills gained the necessary approval in the final days. The following are the approved bills that Kempe supported and worked on. 

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Summer 2023 - Advocacy Efforts

In July, Warren Binford, Steve Berkowitz, Kathi Wells, and Jon Kruljac were in Washington, D.C., to discuss national advocacy issues supporting children and families and to survey the landscape on how Kempe could be a resource for various stakeholders. They met with staff and members of the Colorado delegation including Congresswoman Brittany Pettersen, other policymakers, and thought leaders identifying priorities for improvement in child wellbeing.

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Policy Expertise

Child abuse and neglect / prevention / training

Child and family mental and behavioral health

Child maltreatment / prevention / training

Child sex assault care / training / prevention

Child welfare / prevention / training

Child and Family Rights 

Child Law, Policy, and Ethics 

Child-Friendly Cities and Communities 

Child Safety Online

Family strengthening / training

Foster care / Foster parent training

Human Services workforce recruitment and retention

Youth and family mental health intervention programs

Youth criminal justice reform


Behavioral Health

HB23-1003 School Mental Health Assessment

HB23-1269 Extended Stay And Boarding Patients

Child Welfare

HB23-1024 Relative And Kin Placement Of A Child

HB23-1043 Emergency And Continued Placement With Relative Or Kin

HB23-1142 Information Of Person Reporting Child Abuse

SB23-082 Colorado Fostering Success Voucher Program

SB23-211 Federal Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978

Other/System Change

HB23-1108 Victim And Survivor Training For Judicial Personnel

SB23-002 Medicaid Reimbursement For Community Health Services


Behavioral Health

HB22-1214 Behavioral Health Crisis Response System

HB22-1278 Behavioral Health Administration

HB22-1369 Children’s Mental Health Programs

SB22-147 Behavioral Health-care Services For Children

Early Childhood

HB22-1295 Department Early Childhood And Universal Preschool Program

SB22-213 Child Care Support Programs

Child Welfare

HB22-1240 Mandatory Reporters

HB22-1289 Health Benefits For Colorado Children And Pregnant Persons

SB22-008 Higher Education Support For Foster Youth

SB22-037 Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program

SB22-213 Child Care Support Programs


Behavioral Health

HB21-1258 Rapid Mental Health Response For Colorado Youth

SB21-154 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network

HB21-1097 Establish Behavioral Health Administration

SB21-137 Behavioral Health Recovery Act

HB21-1317 Regulating Marijuana Concentrates

Early Childhood

HB21-1304 Early Childhood System

Child Welfare

HB21-1248 Colorado Children’s Trust Fund Act

HB21-1272 Supporting The Child Protection Ombudsman

HB21-1099 Policies And Procedures To Identify Domestic Abuse