A Unique Holiday Gift Guide for Children & Families

We all know that the holiday season is a time for gift-giving as well. People tend to correlate better gifts with spending more money, but great gifts don’t always have to be expensive. In a past blog post, we discussed how everyone can lend a helping hand for the children and caregivers around them. The same concept applies to the holiday season. Sometimes, lending a hand and showing the children and families that you care can be the most impactful gift. In this blog, we’ll discuss some gift ideas for the children and families around you, as well as suggest meaningful gifts parents and caregivers can give to their children.

Fun Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

Handmade coupons are a great way to make a fun environment around helping. Create coupons for the following scenarios to give to the busy caregivers around you:

  • Making a meal
  • Driving to a desired location
  • Babysitting hours
  • Play time with the children
  • Reading a story for the children
  • Taking a child to school or to after-school activities

Purchases To Make Things Easier

If you can’t give the time to help, there are some purchases you can make to make a family’s life easier. Here are some ideas of gifts you can buy:

  • Gift cards for a spa day to relax and have a day away
  • 3-month meal plan subscription to take over dinner when things get busy
  • Gift card for baby essentials stores that new parents can use
  • School supplies to get ready for back-to-school season

Informal Gifts You Can Mention

If you are around parents and caregivers during the holiday season, you can also give by mentioning you are willing to give the time and effort to help out when they need it. This isn’t necessarily a gift you can hand over, but it might be even more meaningful to the family.

Meaningful Gifts from a Caregiver to a Child

As a parent, it can be hard to figure out a meaningful gift for a child. These gift ideas focus more on quality time and effort spent with your child. Feel free to mix these gift ideas with toys and other material gifts.

  • A journal both you and your child can write in and read together
  • Coupons for 1:1 quality time ‘dates’ where all distractions are put aside
  • Equipment that links to an experience you can do together (camping gear, hiking shoes, puzzles)
  • Handwritten letters reflecting on the year
  • Family time jar with quality time ideas that can be pulled out once a week

Overall, gift giving can be a special, meaningful time for families and children. Think about how your gift can make an impact in the ways the children and families around you interact and create nurturing environments.