Ways to Support The Caregivers In Your Lives

Children and families are all around us. Even if you might not be a caregiver, everyone knows a parent, caregiver, or child. Most families and children require a supportive community and network around them to live healthy, safe lives. Here are some ways you can support them and help them lead happier lives.

If you are a friend, family member, and neighbor

You can make meaningful relationship with the children in your lives, and help your caregiver friends out. This doesn’t mean you have to take on much. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Offer to babysit when parents need some time away or to decompress
  • Help make a meal when you notice caregivers are busy or overwhelmed
  • If you have access to a car, you can drive a parent or child where they need to go
  • Be there to listen if a parent near you needs someone to talk to
  • Check in with the caregivers you have in your life to see if they do need help

If you are a coworker

As we all know, work life balance can be tricky to attain. When you include children in the mix, parents who work may be even more overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities they have on their plates. As a co-worker, you can take these actions to help caregivers at your workplace:

  • Listen and support your colleagues
  • Encouraging them to take breaks
  • Support them in seeking additional help if needed
  • You can also offer to help with their workload if they are in a sticky situation
  • Be aware of policies at your workplace that support parents, and continue to keep tabs on those policies
  • Advocate for more family-protecting policies to be implemented at your workplace

If you are anybody at all

Everyone has a role in making our world a better place for children and families. Even if you don’t have a family close to you, you can still do these things:

  • Educate yourself on laws that protect families, and support those laws
  • Be understanding if a caregiver appears to be struggling
  • Donate to causes like the Kempe Foundation to support families and children
  • Volunteer for programs that work with families and children

Everyone can contribute to a happier, healthier future for children and families. How are you going to help?