What Does Giving Mean to Kempe?

For most people, the holiday season is also the giving season. Families put presents under the tree, friends give each other gifts and well wishes, and communities celebrate by helping others. Here at the Kempe Foundation and the Kempe Center, we have our unique ideas of what the giving season means to us. Here are a few things our community members had to say about giving:

“I have long believed that the primary purpose of my life is to be a blessing to others. Teri and I have tried to give our time, financial resources, impart our experiences, and be caring and compassionate to others in need. During this time of year, giving becomes even more prominent in our hearts and actions. We are grateful for all that we have been given and we feel blessed to be able to help our community, family, friends and strangers in numerous ways. We hope the spirit of giving reaches all corners of the earth during this holiday season.”

-Jon from the Kempe Foundation

“When I think about giving, I think of doing something for someone where it comes from a kind and genuine place. Giving is more than an action. It can be calling a family member or friend to check on them, encouraging others, volunteering at a food bank, or donating meals, clothes, and money to people and organizations in need. My mother taught me that if I am in a position to give, do it, and do it purposefully.”

-Lasy from the Kempe Center

“The giving season reminds me of thinking of others. We spend a lot of time figuring the perfect gift for our loved ones, but I think we should also spend time thinking of the people and families we don’t know. Putting ourselves in their shoes can help in deciding which community efforts to support and how we support our community members.”

-Kyla from the Kempe Foundation

“Giving to me, means giving without expecting anything in return.”

-Maya from the Kempe Center

“I sometimes practice random acts of kindness.  The last time I bought the person in line behind me their coffee the person said, “you have no idea how you just helped make my day better.”  I sometimes give to “Go Fund Me” efforts when I read a story that speaks to me.  One time I gave to a French boy’s family as he was pushed intentionally by someone and had a terrible fall.  I like to think that small acts of giving can help connect us all in our common humanity.  Each year I also give to the Kempe Foundation because preventing and treating child abuse and neglect can change the world for the better- and forever.  Giving helps me to feel like I’m part of the solution, and I find both solace and joy in that.” 

-Ron from the Kempe Center

What does giving mean to you?