Colorado Gives Day2022

Donate to Kempe on the largest fundraising day of the year.


At Kempe, it is our mission to invest in the people and programs that create better outcomes for children and families. Please consider a tax-deductible gif to Kempe. Your support and generosity of any kind is appreciated now more than ever.

Fundraising for Kempe is Easier Than Ever

What’s the difference between Fundraising and Donating?

  • Fundraising is the process of raising funds for a nonprofit organization through multiple donations or methods in order to support a cause. It involves asking for donations and the best way to do so is by asking those in your inner circle. This might be family, friends, co-workers, former colleagues and those you communicate with on social media.
  • Donations are gifts given to a charity and can come in many forms such as an online gift or an in-kind donation of an item.

The opportunity to support a nonprofit amplifies with fundraising as this allows others to give who might not otherwise support a given charity. With just a few clicks, you can create a fundraising page today.

Fundraise for Kempe

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