How to get your network to donate for Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day is coming soon!

On December 6, we hope you will give to the Kempe Foundation and support a healthier and safer future for all children and families. For those of you who have started a fundraising page on behalf of the Kempe Foundation, we want to say thank you. Your hard work will go right into support Kempe center experts and programs that dedicate themselves to training and helping children and families.

If you have started a fundraising page but are having a tough time getting through to your network, or just haven’t had the time to talk to anyone yet, we got you! Here are some tips to get your network to support our cause.

Tell them why it matters to you

At the end of the day, the people you are talking to are your friends and family. They care about what you are passionate about. By explaining your own dedication to the cause, it might get them to see your view on things as well!

These questions can help you reflect on why you care about this organization and cause, and what to communicate to your network:

  • Why am I passionate about a better future for children and families?
  • Why am I behind this cause and organization?
  • What makes me trust the Kempe Foundation?
  • What programs that the Kempe Foundation and The Kempe Center support are important to me?

Show them materials and data

Data always helps tell a story. Sometimes, people are unaware of the scope of the problem of child abuse and neglect in our country. Most of the time, they do not fully understand the potential solutions either. So, showing your network research and data done by experts can help them gain a better perspective of the cause you are so passionate about.

Here are some free resources you can show them:

Be considerate and understanding

We understand that not everyone is in a position to give. Be understanding of your network and support overall support. That means volunteering, donating to our upcoming toy drive, attending events, and spreading awareness. Colorado Gives Day is an important day, but every day should be dedicated to helping children and families. Encourage your network to support our cause in any way possible. Every drop of help makes big ripple.