Why Consistent Giving is Powerful

When we think about the best donors or supporters of causes, some of us picture donors who are able to give large lump sums of support at once. To the average donor, this may seem like a daunting task, or even impossible to accomplish. However, what most people don’t realize is smaller sums of donations that are given on a routine basis are also significantly helpful to organizations.

The predictability and consistency of donations play an equally important role as the amount of the donation. Let’s explore why that is.

Strategic planning gets easier

As like any other organization, a non-profit like the Kempe Foundation has plenty of strategic planning to do. If an organization knows about a planned annual donation at the beginning of the year, they are able to budget into event funds, community outreach, and other fundraising efforts.

With donations that they can count on, strategic planning becomes much more efficient.

Donors have an easier time giving as well

Think about all the subscriptions you have in your life—Netflix, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, etc. The same concept can be applied to supporting causes. By having a smaller amount pledged each month or year, the pressure to accumulate a large sum to donate is reduced. The best part about it is, donors can include these donations in their monthly budget as well, so financial planning becomes easier on the donors part.

As Donor Direct says, “While any one of their donations might not be a substantial amount, over time the amount of money they donated can add up. A donor that makes a $25 donation four times a year for six years is just as important as someone who provides a $600 one-time donation.”

Following along an organization’s journey

Donating on a frequent, consistent basis allows donors to follow an organization’s initiatives as time goes on. Rather than giving a large sum then disappearing, consistent donations lead to staying in touch with organization staff more, having the power to decide which events to fund, and keeping tabs on the organization’s impact.

How to set up a recurring donation for the Kempe Foundation

Now that we know just how important consistent donations are for organizations, here’s how to give to the Kempe Foundation. True Blue giving is a reliable and predictable financial method that allows you to support the Kempe Foundation on a monthly or quarterly basis. By knowing in advance that we can count on your gift, we are able to reduce fundraising expenses.

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