Colorado Gives Day Focus Programs

This Colorado Gives Day, on December 6th, 2023, the Kempe Foundation is excited to be focusing on a few programs to support. Using donations from Colorado Gives Day, the foundation can support the following programs to ensure a safer, healthier, and more nurturing future for children, youth, and families. 

Trauma-Responsive Implementation and Practice Program (TRIP)

The Trauma-Responsive Implementation and Practice (TRIP) program integrates, enhances and implements trauma-responsive and culturally appropriate practices for parents, educators and professionals across the human service fields.

The Kempe Foundation supported the implementation of TRIP in Montezuma County Elementary School. Here are some of the results: 

School leaders and staff reported

– A sense of psychological safety and well-being. 

– Dramatic increase in staff wellness.

– Staff became involved in the change. 

– Student referrals to the principal’s office were reduced by 80%. This met a primary goal of the school administration. 

Kids In Care Settings (KICS) Clinic 
The Kempe Foundation, in partnership with Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Arapahoe County Department of Human Services and Colorado Hospital Substance Exposed Newborn Quality Improvement Collaborative (CHoSEN QIC) supports the Kids In Care Settings (KICS) clinic for children ages 0-18.  

The KICS clinic is a medical home for children and teens who are in out-of-home placement.  The KICS care model is trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and focuses on both biological families as well as foster and kinship families. The clinic focuses on timely access to primary care, mental behavioral health, and dental health services. 

Fostering Healthy Futures

The Fostering Healthy Futures® (FHF) program is a positive youth development program that uses mentoring and skills training to empower youth to foster their own healthy futures.

Set up your very own fundraising page!

Think of Colorado Gives Day fundraising pages as creating your own personal page for friends and family to donate to an organization of your choice. If you choose, you can build one that funnels directly to the Kempe Foundation.

We have set up a fundraising page template for you, so it’s as easy as pressing two buttons to get yours set up! Send your fundraising page to family and friends to get their donations for the Kempe Foundation. 

How to set up your page: 

  1. Visit this site: The Kempe Foundation | Colorado Gives 365
  2. Click on the “Fundraise” button 
  3. Log in or sign up for a Colorado Gives account 
  4. Click “Get Started” 
  5. Ensure the “Use template provided by organization” checkbox is checked 
  6. Click “Build your fundraiser” 
  7. Personalize the fundraiser if you wish 
  8. Click publish! You’re all set. Send the page link to your friends and family. 

Aside from a fundraising page, how else can I contribute?

You can donate directly to existing fundraising pages raising money for the Kempe Foundation. You can also help spread the word by talking about Colorado Gives Day and the Kempe Foundation on your social media and in conversations.

Donate here: The Kempe Foundation | Colorado Gives 365

Using the link above, click “Donate” and follow the steps from there.